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BINgreen Organic Waste Bin

Optimal ventilation with BINgreen!

BINgreen, together with its +Green Compost paper bag, is the best system for recycling organic waste in households.

Pour the food waste into the paper bag placed in the bin and the contents will dry out instead of rotting. The moisture in the food waste evaporates and odour is reduced.

The waste is reduced in weight by up to 20% in 3 days. The paper bag is also fully compostable. BINgreen fits in most of today’s kitchen pull-out drawers.

Ventilated system

The food waste is stored in a breathable paper bag that allows for evaporation. It is placed in a bin that provides additional ventilation for the bag and its contents

Compared to others, this system processes more food waste and provides a cleaner end product.

Weight loss: up to 20% after 3 days.
Reduced odour: dried waste minimises odour problems.
Paper: 100% renewable raw material.
Final treatment: no additional sorting costs. The bag contributes positively to the composting process.

Bin features

Organic waste bag +GREEN COMPOST

Bag +Green Compost

The +Green Compost bag is made of special paper to withstand organic matter for 2 to 3 days without degrading. Once deposited in the organic waste recycling bin, the bag itself decomposes and turns into compost, facilitating the complete elimination of the bag that was used to take the waste to the bin.

The +Green Compost bag is made of F.S.C. certified paper, which guarantees the repopulation of forests and their sustainability.

Bag Features

• Do not place the bag in a tight container or on a flat surface.

• The contents of the bag will not be ventilated.

• The bag gets wetter faster, produces more odour and becomes more difficult to handle.

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