Presentacion del director

I am Eduardo Vázquez Río, director of the company, and I want to thank all our clients in advance for the trust placed in us, since added to the enthusiasm and effort of our human team, it has given us the opportunity to present Vrio Pack, an entrepreneurial company, with great projects for the future and with bases based on the professionalism of our work and the satisfaction of our clients.

. I am extremely pleased to lead this company, which I have seen grow with an impeccable track record and in which I have placed all my enthusiasm in order to create continuous projects for the future.

The growth of our company derives from the persistence of a group of visionary professionals, united by a firm commitment, to contribute our knowledge; and that together they directed their efforts towards the creation and formation of solid bases, which in time would sustain what Vrio Pack represents today; which has proven its ability to overcome the challenges that have arisen, and has been able to meet the expectations of our group of clients.

. I understand the importance of investing in technology in its different areas, in order to discover, preserve, magnify and make the most of the potential that experience has given us and thus be able to meet the expectations and concerns that our clients may need.

Our history

  • A year to remember

    Vrio Pack was born. It began under the name of Papel Lugo and its activity mainly concentrated on paper recycling in a warehouse located in the town of Rábade, 10 km from the capital of Lugo, where it remained until 1982. The first few years of operation focused on the collection of paper and an innovative vision of recycling.

  • A year of growth

    Vrio Pack grows and needs new facilities. To this end, it moved to the capital of Lugo and, from a 1000 m2 warehouse, began producing and marketing containers and packaging for the entire Iberian Peninsula.

  • A year of expansion

    Increased sales, partly due to the company’s internationalisation, made it necessary to move to a new 6000 m2 building, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to cater to this new growth.

  • A significant year

    An in-depth knowledge of the market and the entrepreneurial vision that has always characterised the company’s management introduced new changes. The first production line for the manufacture of paper bread bags was purchased. Vrio Pack became a benchmark in the manufacture of paper bags.

  • A year of change

    Creation of new production lines dedicated to the manufacture of envelopes/bags for the e-commerce market.

  • A year of creation

    In project the creation of a factory of paper cups and covers with an estimated manufacturing capacity of 300 million a year

Vrio Pack today

At present, Vrio Pack, is dedicated exclusively, to the manufacture of paper bags, aimed mainly at large commercial areas around the world.

The range of products is very wide, offering us bags for bread, fish, pastries, baking paper, reels for pastry shops, fruit, die-cut handles, flat handles and envelopes with adhesive closures.

It currently has:


    • More than 120 employees
    • With 24-hour operation, 350 days a year
    • 16 flat bottom bag manufacturing lines = 1200 Million bags per year
    • 1 die-cut handle bag manufacturing lines = 150 million bags per year
    • 2 manufacturing lines for flat handle bags = 150 Million bags per year
    • 2 manufacturing lines for twist handle bags = 150 million bags per year
    • 1 e-commerce adhesive envelope manufacturing line = 70 million envelopes per year
    • Rewinders, micro-perforators, printers, etc.

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