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Paper bag manufacturing company

Energy efficiency

Vrio Pack has just replaced the lighting at the Avda. Benigno Rivera 140 plant with a new LED´s one with the support of INEGA, below are the main implications of the project:

Savings in the affected facilities65,43%
Reduction of CO2 emissions6,94 tons per year
Investment10.036,00 € + IVA
Eligible investment9.032,40 €
% gives support40%
Amount of aid granted3.612,96 €

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Saying paper does not mean deforestation

At Vrio Pack we are committed to the environment, setting ourselves new challenges in the manufacture of paper bags that represent new alternatives that contribute to adapting our consumption habits to environmental protection..

The Vrio Pack bag opens up a new way of understanding packaging, improving the ecological awareness of the consumer and the sales establishment, and actively contributing to the protection of the Environment..

Saying paper does not mean deforestation, on the contrary, Vrio Pack suppliers are subject to to PEFC Forest Certification that guarantees sustainable forest management.

Quality and sustainability assurance

We only use environmentally-friendly materials in the manufacture of our bags, such as non-polluting waterbased inks, cold glues, paper with forest sustainability certification, used pallets, cardboard boxes, and any other products aimed at minimising environmental impact.

Vrio Pack also has the necessary infrastructure for the recycling of its waste, such as a waste-water treatment plant, which recycles the water used to clean the ink rollers of its various machines and facilitates reuse.

All Vrio Pack products are manufactured with state-of-the-art machinery and under the supervision of strict quality controls, certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (since 2001 and 2002 respectively), as well as Fair Wood certification, which guarantees our commitment to the environment.

What our clients think

Manuel Valcarce Resco
Manuel Valcarce Resco
Николай Гупало
Николай Гупало
Приежай. В строго повремени которое в СМR. Заезд с автобам надо перекрывать автобам, делает ето все работник склада. Выгружают быстро с рампы с 9ади зарание лучше скинуть ремни и уголки ну или в складе можно место позволяет.
Nieves Garcia
Nieves Garcia
Ваня Чит
Ваня Чит
Ставлю пять баллов, дружеский персонал…заезд с дороги))
Celestinovrio Rodriguez Rodriguez
Celestinovrio Rodriguez Rodriguez
Denizzz z
Denizzz z
Sergey Garnush
Sergey Garnush
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