Vrio Pack defines its projects for this business year

Juanjo Guisado

Lugo-based paper bag manufacturer Vrio Pack is analyzing the strategic lines of its developments for 2023, which include the launch of new products and the reinforcement of some of its latest lines. Specifically, the company hopes to start a new line of business this year, offering a paper alternative for pet owners for collecting excrement in urban areas. The company hopes to be able to launch this novelty throughout this course by offering a paper container with a treatment to improve sealing and resistance that represents a biodegradable alternative to traditional plastic bags.

.Likewise, the company is studying the opening of a new line of business as a manufacturer of square-bottom bags for greengrocers sections. Unlike the previous case, which can be manufactured with the current equipment, this new product will require an additional investment in machinery that is estimated to be at least €600,000. Lastly, before the pandemic, Vrio Pack was the protagonist of a very high investment chain to equip itself with productive equipment that allowed it to increase production capacity and delve into new varieties of bags, including envelopes for ecommerce.

Already working with several clients to strengthen its line for online

With an installed capacity at the time of 40 M ud/year, in recent years the company has focused a large part of its efforts on new lines of business, especially the activity of manufacturing protective masks, and it hopes that in 2023 a definitive boost can be given to this line of business. In this sense, it is already working with an important textile chain, as well as a high-end telephone and stationery chain so that it can use its products. Lastly, in one of its strongest businesses, bakery bags, it has improved the solution by offering an alternative to models with PP windows that are replaced by glassine to avoid the plastic tax and offer a 100% paper alternative.

The firm from Lugo manufactures paper bags for food (for bakeries, but also for fruit and vegetables and other markets), textile clothing or pharmacy, offering alternatives handles in flat, twist or flat-bottom handles, among others. . In total, it has 24 production lines with which it processes some 6,600 t/year annually, equivalent to 1,800 M bags, also having nine flexographic printing equipment of up to six colors. Its catalog is complemented by various products such as cardboard boxes for pizzas, hamburgers or empanadas, packaging bags for prepared chicken and fresh fish, gloves and single-use products or counter reels.

. Last year, forecasts were met, reaching sales of around €18 million, 25.2% higher than in 2021, with exports valued at 6.5 million, similar to the 6.7 million a year earlier, to France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Central America. It has a staff made up of +120 employees.

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