Vrio Pack launches a bag to recycle organic waste in homes

Last year the company from Lugo obtained the highest turnover in its history, 16 million

LUGO. The company from Lugo, Vrio Pack, has launched a new product on the market, a paper bag so that citizens can recycle organic waste in their homes, which they will later deposit in specific containers for this waste.

In addition, if users need it, it also sells a basket in which this 100% degradable paper bag is placed and with a capacity for two or two and a half kilos of organic matter.

This bag also specifies what waste cannot be deposited, such as chewing gum, cigarette butts or cat litter

This new product, as revealed yesterday by the CEO of the company, Eduardo Vázquez Río, allows the contents to dry out instead of rotting at home, the moisture in food waste to evaporate and the bad smell to be reduced, and in containers it is not necessary to separate the waste from the bag that contains it for recycling, with the consequent savings in the treatment process.

Vrio Pack, which had to delay the launch of this initiative due to the covid-19 pandemic, thus follows the example of leading companies from other European Union states, such as Belgium or the Netherlands.

Vázquez Río explained that his firm will contact public administrations so that they either give these bags to citizens in order to carry out an adequate recycling of organic matter or provide them to supermarkets so that they can be used to store the fruit and then reused for organic waste.

The CEO of Vrio Pack believes that today “in society there is more ecological information than real application” of caring for the environment. “Things have changed very little,” says this businessman from Lugo.

Vrio Pack, which is based in the O Ceao industrial estate, registered in 2022 “the highest turnover in its almost 30 years of history,” according to Vázquez Río. Its turnover exceeded 16 million euros, marketing a total of 9,000 tons of paper from its different products. This economic amount represents an increase of 12% compared to 2021.

The company from Lugo, which has about 120 workers, exports its products to seven countries, most of them in Europe, but also to Canada, the Dominican Republic and New Caledonia.

If 2022 was a great exercise for this O Ceao firm, the same is not the case in the current one. Its CEO foresees a decrease this year of “20 or 25%” due to the fact that “a drop in consumption” is taking place, which he attributes, among other factors, to a decrease in sales of large clothing firms and large commercial areas and that since shops charge for paper bags, many users choose not to take them.

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